Interview with a VETeran – Staff Sergeant Timothy Necker. March 13th @ 5pm

March 13th @ 5pm. Dinner of Doublin Coddle followed by an interview with Staff Sergeant Timothy Necker.

Bio of Staff Sergeant Timothy Necker:

I am form small town called Waller, Texas. I lived with y grandparents and
enlisted in high school when I was 18. Didn’t really know what I was getting
into just kinda signed up.

Went to boot camp in July of 2006 after graduating went to Infantry school
where I got my first MOS of TOW gunner 0352. I was stationed in Camp
Pendleton California with 1/5 in weapons Company.
My first deployment in 2007 was to a MEU floated around the Arabian gulf
stopped in Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain and then Kuwait for three weeks of
training. We got called up and went to Djibouti Africa to be security for
president Bush and then got back on ship stopped in Australia and then

I got married in 2000 in California, then went to Afghanistan in May.
Upon returning, I re-enlisted and changed jobs to be a MAGTF Planner 0511.
Went to school for a month in Virginia and in 2010 I was stationed in
Virginia Beach for the next 3 years. Biggest things I did there was train
Georgian soldiers to deploy to Afghanistan with us.
In 2013 I moved to Japan and took over a major command being the senior
enlisted Planner for all of III MEF. I handled humanitarian missions real
worked missions and lots of exercises there.
After my three years there I went to recruiting school in California then
got stationed in Iowa as a recruiter.


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