Back In Time Interview(1pm) & Interview with a VETeran(3pm)

Interview Back In Time with Charles Korte at 1pm

Charles was born during WWI in the year 1916. He grew up and worked in rural Laurel on a farm. He experienced the Great Depression, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Television, Indoor lighting along and everything since. He turns 100 this year. Please join us for a journey back in time Sunday March 13 at 1 pm for beers and stories. If you ever wanted to ask questions of someone nearly 100 years old here is a great opportunity to learn what rural farm life things you never knew existed like the grasshopper invasion in the 1930’s

Interview with a VETeran with Steve Hyde at 3pm

Steve served as a Helicopter Crew Chief in Vietnam. More info and photo of Steve to come.

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